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Tibettan terrier - Breeding plans - second part of April 2012

Falamandus Nordic Vintage "Nikke"
C.I.B, JWW 2009, GCH.SK, CH.HU, CH.SK,
Club Champion SK, Middle-East European Junior Winner,
Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner 2009, Grand Prix
Slovakia Winner 2010, 2011, East Winner 2010, 2011,
Club Junior Winner 2009, Club Winner 2010, 2011,
JCH.SK, CZ, Junior Club Champion SK

HD A/A, ED 0/0, CCL - clear, PLL - clear,
PRA,C,LL - negativ.
Lövskär´s Lasya "Lasya"
C.I.B., AWA SKAR-MO - Junior Winner TDE 2009,
2x Champion of Eurasia 2011,Club Champion SK,
Club Champion TTC CZ, East Winner 2010 SK,
Grand Prix Winner 2010 SK, Club Winner 2010
JCH.SK, CZ, PL, Junior Club Champion SK

HD - A/A, ED 0/0, CCL - carrier, PLL - clear,
PRA,C,LL - negativ.

Nikke is not only show dog he has canistherapy and coursing licenses. Owner Veronika Kucerkova.

In the second part of april 2012 we are expected excellent puppies - correct in type, excellent coat and movement with lovely character!!!